ICYMI: There’s a brand new Snapchat update. Here’s what you can do with it.

Like any teens, our mobile phone is literally glued to our hand and since last week we have not stopped Snapchatting. No, we haven’t decided we’ll give the Selfie queen Kim K-W a run for her money, we’ve just been obsessed with sending flashing hearts and vomiting rainbows to our thousands of fans like three friends.

Now that we’ve run out of people to Snapchat, we’ve decided to share all with you – our lovely MPers and make a gallery of our favourite updates (unfortunately the vomiting rainbow had disappeared by the time we made this post). *sadface*

Now you know what we look like!

It’s fabulous, isn’t it? Not the face, the update! And the best part is that there’s a new filter everyday! We are never going to get bored of this.

Send us your best new Snapchat faces to @maximumpop on Twitter.

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