We spent a day with Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan. Here are 7 things we never knew about being a pop star

Don’t worry, we weren’t stalking Dove and Ryan.

MP! is far to busy to stalk on week days, so we save that particular joy for weekends 😉

Dove and Ryan (aka The Girl and the Dreamcatcher) actually took over our Snapchat on Thursday 28th June and filled our account with beautiful selfies to celebrate the release of their new EP ‘Negatives’.

Here’s what we learned about pop stars in general:

1) Pop stars really do wake up looking #flawless

What’s their secret? Dead Sea salt? Argan oil? Donkey testicles? We NEED to know.


2) Their hair is impossibly long and their outfits are style goals

Where do we get those red trousers from? WHERE GODAMMIT!


3) Pop stars live a secret life of mystery

And they look fabulous doing it!


4) But some things, like ‘Pokemon Go’ transcend pop stardom

Everybody wants to catch ’em all


5) Those who make art know how to appreciate art

And you’re nailing the compliments there Ryan.


6) Pop stars love inspirational quotes as much as we do

And even their sitting posture is on fleek.


7) They love the puppy filter

They are all of us.




We’ll we all learned something about pop stars today didn’t we? Tweet us who you think makes a better puppy – Dove or Ryan @maximumpop.

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher’s EP ‘Negatives’ and single ‘Make You Stay’ are out to download and stream right NOW!

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Written by David Farrell

David is the Head of Content at Maximum Pop!

Having studied Russian and Spanish at the University of Leeds, David moved to Moscow to work in the education sector. Upon returning to UK soil, David initially immersed himself in the wonderful world of MP! as a music writer.

Now head of all things content, David takes being a music fanboy to a whole new level, and can often be found dancing like there's nobody watching to 'Shout Out To My Ex', obsessing over Lauren Jauregui and defending Taylor Swift's honour.

David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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