Smurf Off: Britney Spears ‘Ooh La La’ Vs. G.R.L ‘Vacation’

Welcome to Maximum Pop!’s first ever Smurf Off! What is a Smurf Off, you ask? It’s very similar to a Song Off or Video Off but only songs featured in a Smurf’s film may be included. We have pitted some extra special bubble gum pop against one another to mark this momentous occasion: Britney Spears will tackle PCD 2.0 or, as they are more commonly known, G.R.L!

[column width=half][/column]

[column width=half last=true][/column]

[column width=half]Who? It’s Britney B***h! [/column]

[column width=half last=true]Robin Antin’s (creator of the PussyCat Dolls) new girl group. The group consists of Lauren Bennet (of Party Rock Anthem fame), Simone Battle (an X Factor US cast off) and Paula, Emmalyn and Natasha. [/column]

[column width=half]Song? Ooh La La [/column]

[column width=half last=true]Vacation [/column]

[column width=half]Not to be confused with: Alexia – ‘Uh La La La’ [/column]

[column width=half last=true]Alphabeat- ‘Vacation’ [/column]

[column width=half]About: A girl standing in front of a boy and asking him to love her… and be her “Ooh La La” [/column]

[column width=half last=true]Forgetting about useless guys and heading off on a girly holiday (or “vacation” if you’re American)to find someone new-ooooh-oooh-ooh! [/column]

[column width=half]Best lyric: “Ooh my my baby don’t be shy/ I see that spark flashing in your eye/ My heart beats fast ’cause I want it all/ So baby come with me and be my ooh la la”- It will be stuck in your head ALL week! [/column]

[column width=half last=true]”My girlfriends know what to do/ They know what to say, Oh/ My girlfriends to the rescue/ Come take me away”- Makes you want to be in a girl band, doesn’t it? [/column]

[column width=half]Is it better than their last single? That’s debatable. The song brings Britney back to her tweeny pop days but don’t think it will have the same success as ‘Scream & Shout’. [/column]

[column width=half last=true]It’s the girl’s (or g.r.l’s as they prefer to be called) first single. [/column]

[column width=half]If the song was a smurf, what smurf would it be? The blonde hair. The sweet gum drop vocals. Of course, it’s Smurfette. [/column]

[column width=half last=true]It’s got a fun, party vibe so we’d put it in the same category as Jokey Smurf. [/column]

[column width=half]Would my mum like this? Despite the song sounding very teeny boppy, Britters does manage to sneak in the odd “F” bomb or 2, so we’re not sure your mum would be too crazy about it. [/column]

[column width=half last=true]This is the type of song you could imagine your mum humming along to on the radio but she wouldn’t really know the words. [/column]

[column width=half]Should I Download this? Yes [/column]

[column width=half last=true]Well, if you download ‘Ooh La La’, you get this for free… so why not? [/column]

So there you have the Smurf Facts and it’s up to you to find your own Smurf Conclusions.

Result: We have a draw! With 50% each, Britters and G.R.L are tied in this Smurf Off! 

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