MP! Reviews: Smashbox Cosmetics – Conclusion, you need some of this in your make up bag!

We have a love/hate relationship with make up, some days it’s on point and others it’s like a cannon has hit us in the face. We gave our resident sci-fi nerd and lover of all things glittery some Smashbox goodies to have a play with. Thinking of splashing out on some? Then read on lover.


Having always heard the brand Smashbox spoken in revered tones I was VERY excited to be asked to test the make up out for you pretty people! Smashbox is a celebrity favourite and is often used to get catwalk and red carpet looks. One big pull of the Smashbox range is that it intends to make you look pretty terrific under a photographers harsh gaze. Magazines such as Marie Claire and Instyle are often found to use the products on their stars so it must be pretty good for taking the odd impromptu photograph or selfie!

Smashbox Mascara

In all honesty, my favourite make up product ever has to be mascara. I have tried pretty much every conceivable brand, expensive and cheap – if it promises to make my lashes look luxurious and longer then I am sold. As well as a predisposition to have a variety of mascaras hanging out in my make up bag, I have a tendency to smudge anything I put on my eyes so tend to favour waterproof mascaras over the normal smudgeable kind. With the ‘Smashbox Full Exposure’ I was looking forward to seeing if I would get the promised ‘Maximum impact, scene stealing lashes’ from their website. I have to say I was not disappointed. Not even a little bit!

The mascara fully coats what looks like each lash individually and there is no clumping visible – I repeat – NO CLUMPING VISIBLE! (Which is great, as I HATE the spider legs look…) This mascara gives great definition. What I was most impressed with was how dark and full my lashes looked. Since wearing this mascara I have had lots of compliments – I even had one person refuse to believe I wasn’t wearing falsies! I can pretty much vouch for the ‘Smashbox Full Exposure’ mascara being waterproof. I managed to get through a whole meal out and cinema viewing of the heavily tear inducing ‘Big Hero 6′ with out having to worry about Panda eyes. Hey, if this is good enough for Kaley Cuoco, its good enough for me – I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this mascara again – I can’t recommend it enough!


Vogue (15th January 2015) has recently cited the ‘Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer’ as one of its top ten go to primers. In fact, Google any well respected make up artist and you will generally see that their favoured primer is produced by, you guessed it, Smashbox.

So you can only imagine how willing I was to try it out! The predominant purpose of a make up primer is to provide a base for your make up and to ensure it’s longevity. If you spend as long as I do ensuring your make up is perfect, the last thing you want is for it to start sliding off your face at quarter past two in the afternoon! The primer feels wonderfully soft and is REALLY easy to put on. Its like a clear, almost gel like looking cream – which sort of glides onto your face. It promises to cover all the imperfections so skin looks as flawless as those actors, actresses and musicians on the red carpet! I think it would be worth pointing out here that a little goes a long way, it’s not something you would want to slather on as I think it could have the tendency to just make your skin look a little greasy, but used in moderation it’s pretty great at providing an even base for your concealer and foundation! On a separate note, I have noticed how conditioned my skin has felt since I have been using this primer. It looks great in photographs, so a must if you like taking the odd selfie and want perfect skin.

Brow tech

Everyone loves a killer brow right? Hello Cara Delevigne!!! I would give anything for my fine, fair eyebrows to look a little bolder – and I have tried quite a few techniques and make up products to achieve this. Having always been a little envious of Kim Kardashian’s superb make up, I was excited to find out she used the Smashbox eye brow styling pencil. And WOW! This ‘Brow Tech To Go is a pretty awesome piece of equipment! Not only does it come with one of the best eyebrow pencils I have ever used, It has a little brush and gel you can use to make sure you don’t get any pesky stray hairs.

Bit confused? Let me explain, this little contraption is double ended, with the pencil on one end (which you do not ever need to tear your hair out trying to find a sharpener again! Just twist to extend! These little things make life SO much easier) and the gel and brush on the other. Not only is it great having it all in one place, it means more room in your make up bag. The pencil gives surprisingly good definition without looking too unnatural or over the top. The ‘Brow Tech To Gohas definitely become my go-to eyebrow pencil and I would say it’s worth a try for anyone wanting natural definition.

Overall the Smashbox products I tested out have been great! Worth a shot if you are a make up fan.

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