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Sliced bread hits back at Ed Sheeran: “I’m bigger than you!”

We analyse who is actually bigger – Ed or bread?

We ain’t ones for stats. Numbers aren’t our strong suit tbh, but even we can appreciate that what Ed Sheeran has done this week on the UK charts is a big deal.

As of today he has sold 672,000 copies of his latest album ‘÷’ which makes it the third fastest selling album ever, behind Oasis and Adele. That’s all well and good, but what might impress ya is that he also had 9 of the top 10 singles in the Official Singles Chart. Selfish much? Give someone else a chance, dude.

All the tracks from the deluxe version of the album have charted within the top 20 of the UK singles chart, something no artist has ever achieved before. Here’s what old Ed has to say for himself:

“Wow! What a phenomenal week. To every person who’s bought the album – thank you. I’m buzzing!”

Ed Sheeran did just made history, but does this mean he now literally bigger than sliced bread? Here’s the stats on our favourite carbohydrate vs the master of long division:

  • 99% of UK households buy bread, which means that 12 million loaves are sold each day.
  • Ed Sheeran has sold a shedload of albums, but we highly doubt 99% of Britons own his music. Sorry Ed.

Conclusion: Bread may have sold a wee bit more. 1 point to bread. 

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  • Bread consumption has fallen steadily over the last few decades.
  • As evidenced by today, Ed’s popularity is only rising.

Conclusion: Down with Bread! 1 point to Ed. 

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  • Over 200 different kinds of bread are produced in the UK.
  • There’s only one Ed.

Conclusion: Bread gives us more choice. We like choice. 1 point to bread. 

Bonus round:

  • Ed Sheeran almost wrote ‘Shape of You’ for Little Mix:

“Actually you know what? I got reminded the other day, we started it for Little Mix originally… and then half way through I was like actually this could be good for Rihanna… and then more of the way through, we were like this is actually pretty good – we should keep it!’

  • We’re pretty sure Little Mix have eaten bread before.

Conclusion: Bread is more affiliated with Little Mix, which is always a plus. 1 point to bread. 



And don’ forget to vote for your favourite song Ed Sheeran song from the ‘÷’ era!

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Written by David Farrell

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