Skins series six premiere – reviewed

As is the tradition with Skins, last year we were introduced to a brand new generation of characters that would lead us through the hit UK show. Just one problem – personally we didn’t think they were as good as those who came before…

Mini, Alo, Grace and co. are set to return for their final run of Skins soon and for those of you wondering if they finally do the show justice (whilst going out with a bang), have no fear – we’ve got the answers! Keep reading for our review of Skins series six, episode one.

Being the cool and important types that we are (er?), MP! was invited to last night’s premiere of the opening episode of Skins series six. Lounging comfortably in our chairs with the lights around the big screen dimmed we felt more than ready to give the new kids another chance. “People often ask us why there isn’t a Skins movie,” said creator Bryan Elsley during his introduction to the exclusive screening, “and it’s because we have this.”

The truth is, the first episode really does feel like a Skins movie. Looking more expensive than ever and shot on location in Morocco, the story unfolds around the gang’s summer holiday before term starts again. Of course there’s the usual scenes of drug-taking, partying, boob jokes and unlikely sexual encounters – but things also begin to take a sinister turn when Franky (who’s now going through a rough patch with Matty) finds solace in a creepy new character.

The characters themselves have definitely improved too – coming a long way from the one-dimensional stereotypes they were last year. The most dramatic change occurs in Franky, The once shy, androgynous  teenager has morphed into a stronger, headstrong young woman, reminding us at times of classic character Effy. Mini actually jokes in the episode, “I miss when she might or might not have been a lesbian” – we don’t!

And then there’s the big twist. An incredible moment near the end that sets the tone for the rest of the series, pitting characters against one another and completely ripping apart our favourite story-line from series five in one, jaw-dropping stunt that was so ambitious, we’re told it took weeks to plan and organise.

Skins is back and it’s bigger and better than ever before. We’re still not entirely convinced by the new cast, but we can’t wait to watch what will no doubt be an explosive final outing.

The first episode of Skins series six will air on E4 at 10pm on January 23rd but if you can’t wait that long, watch it right now over on 4OD by clicking here.

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