Six Questions we ask Everybody with… Morgan St. Jean!

Have you fallen in love with Arjun yet? Of course you have! Well, now we somebody new for you to be tripping and stumbling over because, once again, we’ve taken an upcoming popstar hostage and refused to let them leave until they answered our six questions.

Bit dramatic that, wasn’t it? In all honestly we just sent a couple of emails.


Tell us why we should listen to you in 140 characters or less…

People are complicated so I write music that explores that. I try to be unfailingly honest and raw which I think people crave…it connects us together.

If you had to compare the sound of your music to a crisp flavour, which would you pick and how do they relate?

I would say my music is like cool ranch Doritos. They’re delicious and

intoxicating and you cannot stop eating them… Wow I’ve never thought about this but now that I have I really hope my music is like cool ranch Doritos.

What was the first single you ever bought and has it inspired the music you release today?

I can’t remember the first single I bought but it was probably something Christina Aguilera. I always loved her and have been in awe of her voice my entire life. She’s such an inspiration vocally because she has this big, powerful voice and uses it to say whatever she feels. She lets people in through her voice and I love that.


Picture the scene… You have found a time machine and been sent back to the year 1996. You have been selected to become a member of a band known as the Spice Girls. What would your nickname be?

This would have been my dream scenario at age 13. I would probably call myself Sappy Spice because I’m super emotional and sensitive and like to write songs about it.

If you were given a pet cat and told you had to name it after an existing popstar, what would you name it?

I’ve actually thought about this one before! She’s not a popstar but I almost got a cat and named it Jennifer Lawrence because her character is called Katniss… get it Kat-niss? I thought that was pretty clever.

Can you tell us that you love us?

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