Six questions we ask everybody with… JAGMAC

We’ve had a good chat with the lovely JAGMAC, Little Mix’s opening act for the ‘Get Weird Tour’ and asked them the six questions that we ask everybody.

1. Tell us why we should listen to you in 140 characters or less?

CJ: You should listen to JACMAC because it’s a message that the whole world needs to hear. It’s very fun, it’s very energetic and very positive. You’ll always finish listening to our songs feeling uplifted and wanting to dance at the same time.

(That may be a little over 140 characters…)

2. If you had to compare your music to a crisp flavour, which would you pick and why?

Manjo: A spicy flavour. Like a jalapeño kind of flavour, because we have a kick to our group.

3. What was the first single you ever bought and has it inspired the music that you release today?

CJ: It was the Backstreet Boys… actually it was the Backstreet Boys album, back when I was younger. Ever since I bought that album, at a very young age, I always had that pop love in my heart and in my mind, I knew it was something I always wanted to do as I got older. So I think that really influenced my sound and of course I shared the music with my siblings, so we all enjoyed Backstreet Boys and a pop sound, and even the Spice Girls, who my sisters also love, definitely influenced our sound today.

4. Picture the scene… You have found a time machine and been sent back to the year 1996. You have been selected to become the sixth member of a band known as the Spice Girls. What would your nickname be?

CJ: If I got picked to be the 6th member, mine would definitely be Dance Spice.

Alyssa: Mine would be Tough Spice.

Manjo: I would be the Cook Spice, because I love cooking. It’s one of my passions.

Gabriel: I would be Football Spice.

Angelique: I would be Cheeky Spice, or Spice Spice, if that makes sense, because I’m in love with hot sauce. I keep it in my purse.

Jared: I’m going to be Flip Spice, because I love flipping and martial arts.

5. If you had a pet cat and were told you had to name it after an existing pop  star, what would you name it?

Angelique: KITTY PURRY!

6. Can you tell us that you love us? 

Check out JAGMAC’s brand new video right here! 

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