13 things everyone with a sister knows to be true

Katharine and Elizabeth Corr are a dream team writing duo and tbh we wish we had a sister as awesome as both of these two. No kidding.

Having a sister comes with its own ups and downs, which the co-authors of ‘The Witch’s Kiss‘ and the INCREDIBLE upcoming sequel that we’re all salivating over, ‘The Witch’s Tears‘, know all too well. Here are 13 of our favourite things everyone with a sister knows is 100% true:

1. The pain of sharing a bedroom

Not always a given but so many sisters know the exact circle of hell that sharing a bedroom comes under.

2. Always having someone to share secrets with

The best thing about having a sister is having an automatic somebody to whisper your deepest darkest secrets with.

3. Borrowing clothes, makeup etc.

What’s hers is yours and vice versa.

4. 24/7 competition

You might love her unconditionally but add a little competition to the mix and you’re ready to bodyslam that girl into the ground.

5. Being constantly compared

“Oh but Sarah never did that…”

“Well done but Sophie did that better…”

Can we not just be praised for our own accomplishments?!

6. You swing wildly from a loving to a hateful relationship

There is only one thing stronger than love: the desire to eat the last chicken nugget. Tantrums will be had by the loser.

7. Having/being a second mother

But of course, once you swing back around to that loving relationship, having an older sister becomes a lot like having two mothers.

8. Hiding your favourite things so she can’t steal them

We’ve all been there. That top is OURS, thank you very much.

9. Late night talks about crushes are REAL

It doesn’t matter the age difference, you’ll stay up late discussing your latest crushes regardless.

10. Being bought the exact same things every Christmas

….but in different colours.

11.  You’re so in sync it’s kind of unnerving

Yup, even when it comes to periods. You guys are moon sisters.

12. Matching outfits

Oh god, the torturous childhood period when your mum insisted on you both wearing matched tartan dresses was traumatic. Those days are long behind you but the pictures will haunt you for a lifetime.

13. She’s the best friend you’ll ever have, rain or shine

At the end of the day you guys will go through thick and thin together but, no matter what ups and downs life brings you, your sister will always be one of your very best friends.

Got any extras? Let us know down in the comments.

Fill your New Year with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.
Fill your New Year with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.

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