Siobhan Curham helps you to achieve your dreams in 5 easy steps

Siobhan Curham’s latest book ‘The Moonlight Dreamers’ is all about a group of girls finding themselves and the confidence to dream. And Siobhan is going to tell us how to do it!


Siobhan Curham’s Five Step Guide to Achieving Your Dreams

Daring to dream has got me through some of the toughest times of my life … and carried me into some of the happiest. This is why I feel so passionately about encouraging others to pursue their dreams and why I’ve created this handy, copy-and-keep guide for you Maximum Poppers. Simply follow the steps below to start creating the life of your dreams…

This might sound a bit like I’m stating the obvious but it’s surprising how often we set ourselves goals to keep other people happy. Choosing the academic subjects our schools want. Choosing the career path our parents want. Choosing dreams and ambitions our friends and peers expect for us. The best way to make sure that you’re dreaming the right dream for you is to ask yourself how it makes you feel. When you imagine achieving your dream does it make you feel excited and impatient to get there already? Or does it leave you feeling flat inside? If it leaves you feeling dull and uninspired it might be time to go back to the drawing board – or the dreaming board. Literally…

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Dream boards are where you create a collection of images that symbolise your dream. You can either create them physically, by investing in a noticeboard or a large sheet of card, or you can create them online at sites like Pinterest. So, for example, if your dream is to travel the world, fill your board with images of the places you’d love to see. If your dream is to become an actor, you could use a photo of your acting hero, the image of a director’s chair and scene stills from a movie. Creating a dream board won’t automatically make your dreams come true – but what it will do is give you a daily reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. And a visual representation of your dream can be a great motivation to get things done.

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You can use your dream board for this next step, using the pictures to help you imagine that your dream has already come true or you can close your eyes and have fun daydreaming. What would your life be like if you achieved your dream? How would it make you feel? Really have fun imagining it. There’s a school of thought that says the more you visualise something happening, the more likely it is to happen. Many athletes and sports stars spend hours visualising themselves coming first or winning the cup. It helps dispel any negative thoughts and gets you into a winner’s mind-set.

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It was my dream to become a writer ever since I was a child. But when I got to uni I had a massive crisis of confidence. I grew up on a council estate and the other people on my course were from much wealthier backgrounds. I told myself that I didn’t belong there and I didn’t have what it takes to become a writer and I ended up dropping out. If you find yourself experiencing doubts and fears when it comes to your own dreams take some time to boost your confidence by listing your achievements – academic and personal – and identifying all the qualities you needed to achieve each one.

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Sometimes our dreams can feel so huge and far off we give up before we’ve even started. When I returned to my writing dream after dropping out of uni the thought of writing a novel was terrifying! So I broke it down into more manageable steps, setting myself the goal of having some short stories published first. When I achieved this goal it gave me the confidence to go for the big dream … and the rest is history. When you’re clear on what your big dream is, ask yourself what smaller, but connected, goal you could set yourself for this year. Then break it down further and ask yourself: What could I achieve towards this goal in the next month? By taking small steps towards your big dreams you’ll create momentum and you’ll feel great knowing that you’re shaping your own destiny.

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