Alarm Pop: Simon Curtis- ‘Meteor’

You really should know what an Alarm Pop is by now! But if you don’t, it’s when we bring you a brand spanking new pop song that deserves a place on your Most Played on iTunes.

Today’s Alarm Pop is from singer-songwriter/actor/record producer/just generally good at stuff, Simon Curtis. His new track ‘Meteor’ is rather good and even featured on an episode of ‘Twisted’- we don’t know what that is, but want to watch it now.

‘Meteor’ is a dancey poptastic hit with a strong europop feel. It has a breakdown that would turn Nicki Minaj’s hair green with envy (wait, that already happened, didn’t it?). The song is instantly catchy and sounds like a lot of chart songs out there but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing- who doesn’t like chart music?

You can listen to (and read) Simon’s addictive pop track ‘Meteor’ below. Enjoy!


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