Simon Cowell thinks Zayn should stop being a keyboard warrior and have a break from Twitter.

Zayn has been a bit mouthy on Twitter, let’s be honest. And we all know when you post something out online, it’s hard for it to be completely erased aka the Calvin incident; so Simon Cowell has offered some lovely advice for Zayn that he should take a break from Twitter.

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Simon said “I don’t like this Twitter stuff, you are always going to regret what you say on Twitter. With Zayn I just think he needs to get a sense of perspective back in his life, which is that he had a really great opportunity, he decided for whatever reason he didn’t want to do it anymore so maybe just keep quiet for a while, make a great record and enjoy life.”

We totally agree Simon, although we might miss him a little lot.



Do you think it’s time for Zayn to step away from the keyboard or do you like his outbursts? Let us on know on Twitter @maximumpop.

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