Uncle Si’s been sharing his thoughts on the whole Zayn-less thing again.

We have been Zayn-less now for nearly a quarter of a year and, while we are getting used to the idea, we still aren’t over it. And it looks like we aren’t the only ones…

During a recent interview U.S TV show, Extra, SiCo explains how the lads will probably never get over Mr Malik’s departure. SAME.


“Well, I don’t think they’ll ever be over it completely because they started off as a five piece, so they’re always going to miss him. But it happens. You’ve got to dig deep and you rely on each other. In a weird way they kind of got stronger through it.”

We are so proud of our boys for pulling together to plough through this. And it’s not all doom and gloom, either. Uncle Si recently spoke to Good Morning Britain saying: “They’re fine. They’ve showed their strength as human beings. When it happened, there wasno warning. They were still doing these huge tours, and they dealt with it. They were upset and shocked, but they are fine with it.”

Well, boys, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, you know were we are.

Do you think you’ll ever get over it? Zayn who? Let us know how you’re feeling by giving us a tweet over on @maximumpop and we’ll try to comfort you.

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