Worried about 1D never reuniting? Fear not! Simon Cowell has some soothing words for us

Every 1D fan is slightly on edge right now. With news that the boys will be working on solo projects in the coming months, everyone is wondering whether they really will reunite after this hiatus. Well, we know someone who may be able to help you feel a bit better about that – Simon Cowell.


Speaking to E! recently, Mr Cowell said:

“It was always gonna come. You can’t work at that level the way they did. I mean lots of things are gonna be announced over the next few months, but they are the nicest people to work with. Hard working, appreciate everything; so it won’t be the end.”

So, we can expect the boys to return as 1D and continue dominating the world?

“Yeah, there will be more, I’m absolutely sure of that.”

THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR US! We’re looking forward to seeing what the boys do in their hiatus before coming back and slaying us as a group again. And now we have time to save.

Do you trust Simon? Excited for the return of our faves? Tweet us @maximumpop while we start a new savings account ready.

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