Simon Cowell says 1D won’t be back for “a while” and the fandom is heartbroken

So One Direction is on a break. This isn’t news. We’re dealing with it and we’re OK with it.

1D Dance

It’s just a break, they’ll be back soon, right? WRONG!


According to Simon Cowell, the boys are going to be on a break a bit longer than we had hoped.

Speaking to ‘Variety,’ Simon said:

One Direction I don’t think we’ll see as a group for a while now, if I’m being honest with you.

As you can imagine, we’re just as heartbroken as you guys. And looking at what you guys have to say about it on Twitter, we can tell you’re just as heartbroken as we are.

Directioners; we’re here for you. We feel your pain. We can get through this difficult time together.

1d hug

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