25 signs you might be living in a YA dystopian novel

It could happen. You know it, we know it. One morning you’ll wake up and be thrown into the middle of the Hunger Games. Or you’ll find your house full of cameras and mirrored glass. You’ll be chosen. You will rebel.

eat my shorts

Here at MP! we LOVE a good dystopian novel. But it wreaks havoc on our already overactive imaginations… So, inspired by the epic and wonderful @DytopianYA, we’ve put together a list of signs that you might be living in one of these oppressive, distorted realities.

You know, just in case.

1. There’s a curfew. You gotta be inside by 9pm. Or maybe earlier. This world is cray and totally unfair.

2. Big Brother is watching you. Srsly. There’s cameras everywhere. Probably an implant. Maybe the dog is a decoy.

3. Words like ‘dictatorship’ and ‘totalitarian’ are commonplace. ‘Democracy’ is only something people whisper about in the dark.

4. Everyone is perfect. Less than perfect is unacceptable and will be punished.

5. But you’re told you’re ‘different’. Heck, you FEEL different. You ARE different.

6. You’re parents are totally gung-ho for the regime. They are either brainwashed, or survivalists. They definitely won’t try to help you until it’s too late.

7. You’ve been best friends with <insert boy name> since your were ‘this’ high. But now his wavy hair and <insert colour> eyes make your heart go all gooey.

8. Free will or free speech is a thing of the past.

9. History is dangerous. What actaully happened a century ago? Who knows. Does anyone ask? Sure, but they don’t live long enough to get an answer.

10. Everyone in power is dressed to kill. Literally. But it doesn’t stop you lusting after their sleek style.

11. You are divided into factions. Or groups.  Divisions. Skills. Colours. Classes. Auras. Birth stones. Shoe size.

12. You’ve probably got a weird name. Something like Shepherd or Easter. You might be a synonym for ‘peace’ or ‘freedom’.

13. Even though you’re in love with <insert boy name> with the <insert colour> eyes, you’ve become close with the sarcastic boy with the <insert weapon>. He’s called Gun. And he’s hawt.

14. After the war, nothing was the same.

15. After the outbreak, nothing was the same.

16. After the earthquake, nothing was the same.

17. The weather be wonky af. That’s why you live under the dome.

18. Nuclear holocaust makes it impossible for anyone to live out there (apart from that one guy and his tribe). That’s why you live under the dome.

19. Robots. Total matrix nightmare. Dome.

20. You suddenly become one of the Fallen/Forsaken/Undesirables/RebelScum and you realise how wrong you were about them.

21. You get very dirty. We’re talking mud and blood (not yours) and more mud. You’re hair will still look totally killer.

22. <insert boy name> with the <insert colour> eyes won’t mind, or even notice that you haven’t washed for weeks. Gun will. That’s why he sneers so much. Duh.

23. You can’t understand why no one else, but you, seems to question the system.

24. <insert family member> has died/disappeared (delete as applicable). This will become a key plot point later.

25. You have to go on the run. RUN! RUN DAMMIT!

We could go on. And on. But it’s all in the name of fun. We love our dystopian fic and as long as there’s a strong lead, a strong premise and someone to swoon over, we’re down with it.


Ohhhh, yeeahhh.

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