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Martin Stewart, author of ‘Riverkeep’, is here to answer a few questions about his fab debut novel!

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Can you describe the plot of ‘Riverkeep’ in a tweet? Wull does not want to be Riverkeep?but he must brave the river’s waters and face monsters, magic and death to save his father.

Where were you when the idea for your book came to you? Sitting in my aunt’s conservatory in Edinburgh, reading a newspaper supplement. There was a story about the Glasgow Humane Society?which is like a real-life Riverkeep?and its current officer, George Parsonage, who’s been rowing the waters of the river Clyde since he was fourteen. And with that, the idea for Wulliam’s story was born!

What was the most difficult thing about writing Riverkeep? Balancing the different strands of the narrative and making sure none of the other characters took over. By this, I mean Tillinghast?just like in the book, he would not shut up! Really, he’d have liked it to be his story instead of Wull’s, so keeping his voice in check was a constant challenge.

Favourite creature Wulliam comes into contact with? Ah, come on! I don’t know… I’m a huge fan of the faelkons?giant eagles with horse’s teeth instead of beaks seem intensely scary and real to me (horses kind of freak me out …) but I have to say the mormorach. Its symbolic of so much in the book?all Wull’s hopes and fears?and it’s got an elemental power that drives the story. Plus it was my love letter to Jaws: The Greatest Film of All Time, No Arguments™!


What book would you recommend for anyone who loved ‘Riverkeep’? ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman. Amazing creatures, adventures and a strong-willed protagonist on a family-driven quest. It’s a masterpiece?everyone should read it.

Can you tell us anything about your second novel, ‘The Sacrifice Box’ yet? Any sneaky hints? I can! It’s a thriller/horror about an unlikely group of friends whose childhood antics from a long-lost summer holiday literally come back to haunt them. It’s set in 1986, and it’s been amazing fun playing around with all the music and trends of that time period (when I’d have been 3½, still running around in my corduroy dungarees…). It’s inspired by the movies of that era, and flips their ‘Heroic Jock/Weedy Sidekick’ dynamic on its head.

Finally, because we want to see where the magic happens, send us a snap of where you write! Here you go! I love the Penguin classics on the wall?great for looking up and drawing some much-needed inspiration! (Also note the Funko Pops for 80s inspiration?and the signed print of ‘A Monster Calls’ on the wall!)


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Penguin Random House have acquired Martin Stewart’s second novel, ‘The Sacrifice Box’, which is set to be released next year! So very exciting!

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