Jump in the sea and cool off with Sigma and Ella Henderson’s ‘Glitterball’ music video.

It’s just too hot, isn’t it? What better way to cool down than by watching the official video for Sigma and Ella Henderson’s collaboration ‘Glitterball’ and imagining jumping in the sea with them, and then become extremely jealous when you remember you’re not in the sea, or anywhere near the sea, and you’re actually sat in the stuffy hotbox that is MP! Towers.



In the video we see Sigma and their friends – no, not vomiting on fans – go on a drive around a very sunny looking Ibiza, hijacking a boat and going for a cool dive in the sea.

Our room-temperature lemonade isn’t seeming like such an amazing cool down method, after all.

Ella Henderson’s stars in the video, too, but it doesn’t look like she’s in Ibiza. She was probably stuck in a studio in London, wasn’t she? Poor girl.

Have a watch of Sigma and Ella Henderson’s ‘Glitterball’ video below:

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