Booktube culture, honesty, and dreaming about YouTube: a Q&A with booktuber shoutame

Recently we got the chance to put a few questions to booktuber Amy (of shoutame) and find out ALL the answers to what life is like on YouTube, how she got started, and who inspired her to bite the bullet and start a channel.

What first attracted you to booktube and made you begin posting your own videos? I stumbled upon booktube through watching Carrie Hope Fletcher at ‘It’swaypastmybedtime‘; she had been talking about books in one of her videos and down in the recommended channels I found Sanne (booksandquills) and Priscilla (thereadables). I then spent all my free time finding new channels and devouring videos, I couldn’t stop thinking about booktube and was convinced that I could do what these people do. It got to the point where I was actually having dreams about making a YouTube channel – so I bit the bullet and made my first video…and the rest is history!

How long have you been an active member of the community? I was watching and commenting from around November 2012. I posted my first video on the 14th January 2013, three years down the line and I still love sharing bookish love with my wonderful bunch of subscribers :)

What equipment do you use to film your videos? A tripod, natural lighting and a compact camera with HD video! The camera I use is the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS. For editing I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, it was around £30 but I downloaded the 2 week free trial to see if I liked it before paying for the full product. The only other thing I would recommend is a website called ‘’ – I use it to make all of my thumbnails, it’s quick, easy and free to use!

For anyone unfamiliar, can you describe your channel and content in only one sentence? A twenty-something year old sharing her love of all things books – hauls, tags, discussions and reviews! I think there’s a little something for everyone.

Booktube has become a massive online influencer in its own right, growing and growing each day. What sets your channel apart from the mass? I don’t know if there really is anything that sets me apart from the mass! I love creating fun and informative videos and hope that people are drawn to my enthusiasm. Nothing makes me happier than hearing people have gone and picked up books that I’ve recommended to them. When it comes down to it I just love sharing my thoughts on books and shall continue to do that so long as people are interested in hearing me ramble on!

‘Booktube Culture: Idolization, Amazon Wishlists & Honesty’ is one of your most popular videos. Can you tell us about what went into making it and what its reception from your viewers was like? I had seen numerous videos in which people were sharing their opinions on Amazon wishlists and honesty when it comes to reviewing books (especially books that have been received from publishers). I had a lot of things to say on the matter but wanted to be concise at the same time – when creating discussion videos I really like to think over everything and know what my point is otherwise the video could end up anywhere!

I believe that this video is one of my most liked and the overall feeling I got from my subscribers was a very positive one, of course there were those who disagreed with some of what I was saying but that made the comments all the more interesting – I love hearing from those with differing opinions to mine. We all learn from each other on booktube, it’s an extremely friendly and welcoming community – like a nice warm hug :)

Thanks so much to Amy for chatting to us! If you’re interested in her videos you can watch them here, or tweet your own questions to her @shoutame.

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