Genius or madness? Have your say on the bizarre choker trend everyone’s going crazy for

The choker trend has been going strong for a while now (it’s almost like the ’90s all over again!), but this week the internet took the craze to an entirely new level.


It all started when a Twitter user posted a picture of herself wearing a DIY choker made out of, er, a rather random item. And the internet quickly lost ALL their chill and went absolutely wild.

It looks like a normal choker, right? Well look closer and you’ll see that it’s actually a shoelace. Yes, A SHOELACE. Y’know the type that goes in your Nike trainers.

That’s one way to kill two birds with one stone and save a hella lot of money. Chokers are expensive, so why pay for a piece of string you can just make for ‘free’ and look just as good?

On the other hand, things started getting a little crazy in the comments when people revealed the other weird things they’ve turned into a choker.

A BELT. Why didn’t we think of that? We’re not sure if this is genius or madness, but it’s certainly made the internet lose their minds.

We really value your opinions, so we asked 2 fashion bloggers what they think and here’s what went down.


“I think this is fantastic! What I love about style is that you don’t need to be sporting a designer piece to be ‘fashionable’. If you can work a shoelace as a choker and make it look great, then good on you. It might encourage the rest of us that are on shoestring budgets (pun totally intended!) to get a little more creative with our looks.”

– Rosie,

“Certain chokers are nice, heavily adorned choker/collar style ones that are almost like pieces of art! However, I really could never see myself wearing a shoelace (!) around my neck. In my opinion the term “fashion” is used very loosely nowadays, to the point there is a broadening gap between “fashion” and “style”. I would much rather dress stylishly than so called “fashionably”. I think in this instance fashion has definitely taken it too far, but I do support the up-cycling approach. As an alternative to a shoelace, I would suggest trying a high quality ribbon with textured material, such as velvet, and attach an old brooch if you really want to nail the DIY choker look!”

– Ali,

What do you guys think? Is this the most genius hack ever or has fashion taken it WAY too far? Would you rock a shoelace as a choker? Join in the debate in the comments section below!

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