MP! Interview: Shift K3y is a secret Stereo Kicks fan and would be a babe to have around for a pub quiz!

We caught up with Shift K3y to test how good his ‘Name & Number’ stills really are, to celebrate the release of his up coming single! He’s definitely in denial about how much of a Stereo Kicks fan he is but his RNB knowledge is exquisite.

L L Cool J and J Lo featured on the song ‘All I Have’, what year was it released?


2003 [Bashed that CORRECT answer out in seconds, more than bloody impressed.]

ANSWER: 2003.

Which band released a song that was named after a snack, in 2013?

Band?… Maybe like Mcfly?… Come on give me a clue.

CLUE: The main guy, his mum is Denise Welch.

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Don’t have a clue.

ANSWER: The 1975.

What year was One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ released?

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ANSWER: 2011.

What rapper stared in 8 Mile?


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ANSWER: Eminem.

What boy band has Elton John feature on their song ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’?

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It’s either going to be like Boyzone or Westlife. Can I have a clue please.

CLUE: One of their members was recently in Celebrity Big Brother.

I don’t have it.

ANSWER: Blue (Lee Ryan was in Celebrity Big Brother.)

Who has the 2008 hit with ‘Dance with me’?

God, I’m not very good at these. Calvin Harris?

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ANSWER: Calvin Harris.

Aleshia Dixon was in a 1990s girl band, what was it?



ANSWER: Mis-Teeq.

What year was Craig David’s ‘7 Days’ released?


2000. [In seconds again!]

ANSWER: 2000.

How many members are there in Stereo Kicks?


Like… 8? [Secret fan.]


Which Jonas Brother has gone solo?

Nick! I’m killing it.

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Shift K3y’s ‘Name & Number’ will be out on the 17th of May!

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