Neon Jungle

You’re looking for facts about Shereen from Neon Jungle:

  • Shereen’s full name is  Shereen Cutkelvin  [source]
  • Shereen is from Lanark in Scotland [source]
  • Shereen is 18 and her birthday is the 2nd of December 1996  [source]
  • Her star-sign is Sagittarius
  • Shereen’s Twitter account is @Neon_Shereen
  • Shereen’s Instagram account is @Neon_Shereen
  • Shereen says that her idol is her dad, who was a singer/songwriter.
  • Shereen has a bizarre habit of keeping every single train ticket she’s ever bought.
  • Shereen apparently takes the longest to get ready in the morning!
  • Shereen’s nickname is “Dave” or “Davey” because she was a tomboy growing up, and she got the nickname as she always hung around with boys.
  • Shereen has revealed that when she was younger she used to scratch her nails down the walls to annoy people.
  • Shereen loves a wrap filled with chocolate!

Today you learnt about Shereen from Neon Jungle.


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