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Sheppard chat shearing sheep bums, being Taylor Swift’s BFF & treat us to an exclusive BTS of ‘Let Me Down Easy’.

Sheppard have been driving us insane (in a good way) with their catchy songs and colourful videos for a while now. We popped down to see George, Amy, Emma and Jay backstage at BST Hyde Park as they supported the almighty Taylor Swift. It might get a little weird, but there’s an exclusive behind the scenes clip below so bare with us.

Seeing as people shout ‘Geronimo’ when they jump off of something to warm you up for this interview we want to see who can shout ‘Geronimo’ for the longest.

George: Does it have to be loud? Because you can always go longer if you stay quieter?

Well I mean, I don’t want to give you tactics but…

Amy: Shall we all just go at the same time and whoever is the last one standing?

Yep it’s a ‘Geronimo’ off, I’m so ready.

Amy: 1, 2, 3.




Oh come on, you’ve breathed haven’t you?

George & Amy: OOOOO….

AMY WINS (41 seconds)

George: She did this the other day, she’s been in training for it.

Emma: I laughed :(

I am so impressed, I tried that at home and didn’t last that long at all.

George: It was a skydivers Geronimo!

Amy: Is that the whole interview now?

Yeah sorry we’ve run out of time… We wanted to quiz you on the name of your band, Sheppard is the surname of George, Amy and Emma but have you ever tried herding some sheep?

George: Uhm, no but my friend had a farm and he had a border collie that used to chase sheep. Not really herd them, just chase them and I sort of tried to do some of the whistles and commands that the dog would understand but it never really worked out, he just kind of attacked the sheep.

It’s harder than it looks I think, I watched a programme on sheep shearing and they had to shave the poop wool from their bums.

George: *laughs* luckily we’ve never had to do that!

Since we last spoke ‘Geronimo’ reached the Top 40 in the UK charts which is amazing, how does it feel to come back here knowing the British public has taken so well to your single?

George: Well it’s nice to come back to anywhere that’s sort of responded to your music, it’s good because you can actually feel the interaction when you come over. When you’re back home in Australia and you see the numbers it’s like ‘oh it’s hit the Top 40 that’s great’ but you don’t really feel it until you get over here and the crowds are getting into it and you can almost touch the impact of it.

It must be quite surreal because I know Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has said he loves the single ‘Geronimo’. That’s someone who we’ve all grown up listening to, they’re huge. What does that feel like?

Jay: I think that’s the weirdest part when people you grew up to, now know you, it’s pretty cool. Mark Hoppus from Blink 182, was going to come to the show but had to cancel. I grew up listening to them and it’s weird to think they know who we are.

George: The curtain has almost been lifted. There’s John Newman standing over there! (He actually was, great hair John, great hair.) They’re very normal people at the end of the day. When you’re on the other side of the fence you definitely think they’re like royalty but everyone is pretty normal. You’re on a tour bus, you’ve got to get off the bus to have a shower and it’s not as glamorous as they make it seem.

Sounds smelly. You’ve also performed at the Radio Disney Music Awards and you were nominated. Was there anyone in the crowd who left you a bit starstruck?

Amy: Jennifer Garner. J.Lo! We saw her backstage.

Love J.Lo she’s still Jenny from the block. If you could add any artist to the line up today, who would you choose and why?

Everyone: Coldplay.

George: For sure, I’ve always wanted to run into those guys. Chris Martin is an idol for me, they always say that you don’t want to meet your idols. 95% of the time you’re going to be disappointed.

Jay: I think he’s the exception, I think he’d be funny.

He seems like he actually is as cool and as down to earth as everyone portrays him.

George: I would be flipping out. I don’t really flip out, I could talk to a lot of the people around here today but if I was sitting there with Chris Martin actually having a conversation I may shed a tear, it’s true. I wouldn’t know what to do.

Emma: It would be cool to have Miley on the list, just to see how she acts around everyone and if she’s as crazy as her shows.

She probably wouldn’t come in the artist area on a hot dog. Okay so obviously the almighty Swift is headlining tonight…

George: SWIFTIE!

We were wondering if you were cut out to be one of her best friends in her squad, so we’re going to test you on a quiz to see if you’re compatible with T-Swizz. First up koalas or turtles?

Amy: Turtles

George: Yeah turtles, koalas are actually quite vicious.

Oh, sorry but it’s the wrong answer.

George: She’s not Australian she doesn’t know. They spit and they bite.

Amy: *mumbles something that’s not PG* they have an STI.

I’ll inform Taylor that turtles are actually safer. Chocolate cake or cheesecake?

Emma: Chocolate.

Amy: Chocolate.

Jay: Probably cheese actually for me.

So far you’re edging the bets Jay on the Taylor Swift BFF stakes. Orchids or roses?

Amy: Orchids

Emma: Orchids, they last longer!

George: I like roses

Jay: Orchids.

Oh Jay you’re  getting there, you’re right!

Jay: I know what to bring her now.

Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?

George: Oh, um Little Mix.

Jay: Yeah, Little Mix.

Emma: Fifth Harmony cause I like the sass.

George: What does she say?

Sorry George, she says Fifth Harmony.

George: I am basically the complete opposite but they say that opposites attract.

You may as well just not bother to be honest. Spring or Summer?

George: Spring


Emma: Summer

She’s Summer! New York or LA?

Everyone: New York.

She’s LA surprisingly even though ‘Welcome to New York’. Really I don’t know how accurate this quiz is. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Jay: Neither

Emma: Coke through and through

Amy: Coke!

George: I couldn’t choose there.

Coke, she’s a coca-cola girl. Gotta stick to those brand deals. Joe or Nick Jonas?

Emma: Nick

Jay: Who’s Joe?

Joe is who she used to go out with in the olden days, Nick is the hotter one.


George: He’s got that ‘Chains’ song. TRYNA BREAK THE CHAINS BUT THE CHAINS ONLY BRING ME *everyone sings*.

Finally what would each of your ‘Bad Blood’ music video character names be?

Amy: Wait, they have characters?

Yeah it’s like Cara Delevigne plays ‘Mother Chucker’ they made up their own names.

George: G-Slash

It kind of sounds like you’ve wet yourself.

George: Is that not threatening?!

Emma: What about sassy bish?

Jay: I’ll go with Slay-Bovino

Everyone: OHHHH!!!

Amy: I’ll go with the Blue Bandit.

Amazing. We’ve got an exclusive behind the scenes video to show our readers from ‘Let Me Down Easy’ what was it like to film that?

George: It was a very colourful day, and long.

Amy: Hot too!

George: It was cool to be surrounded by all these colours, we had all these air cannons that continually like a machine gun shot out all these colourful clothes.

Emma: We had some vintage by the end of the day.

Amy: It was great except for the third degree sunburn.

George: Oh yeah, the make up department wanted to keep us as sun screen-less as possible. You know because you get that sheen.

Emma: That wasn’t fun at all that day!

You can’t say that, we’ll put in that it was fun and you didn’t nearly dehydrate.

Well there you have it, we bloody love Sheppard and if you want to check out that exclusive behind the scenes video from ‘Let Me Down Easy’ it’s just below for you.

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