We had a chat with Aussie pop Gods Sheppard and here’s what went down.

Earlier this week we were invited down to London’s Borderline to chat to Emma, Amy, George and Jay from Sheppard ahead of their headline gig. We spoke all about their new single, dreaming about Chris Martin and, of course, unicorns. Have a little peek below to read the full interview.


It’s a very exciting week for you as not only do you play London’s Borderline but also your debut UK single ‘Geronimo’ is being released. Can you each pick a word to describe how you’re feeling?

Emma: Pumped

Jay: Excited

George: Reinvigorated

Amy: Relieved

Your album ‘Bombs Away’ has already hit number two on the charts in your native Australia but how do you think that the music you make fits in with what we’re hearing in the UK at the moment?

George: I was hoping you were going to say it’s number two on the UK charts! I was like “wow, that’s incredible,”! I feel like that there is definitely a gap that this album is filling the world over. It’s a throwback to the classic days of pop music and I don’t think there is enough of that being made nowadays. This is music that’s been influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Elton John… all of those really classic pop artists that could write timeless songs that can’t really be placed in a specific time period but it’s still a good song to listen to. I guess that’s what we’re trying to bring back, that’s the kind of music we’re striving to make.

The single ‘Geronimo’ reached number one in Australia and has also gone top ten in Austria, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Poland. Why do you think it’s performed so well internationally?

Amy: I think it’s just catchy, it’s got lyrics that are relatable and it’s got a good pulse and rhythm to it. It’s energetic, it’s a combination of those components that makes people like it. They can sing along and I think that helps.

There’s been a huge Australian takeover recently with the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, Iggy Azalea, The Janoskians and now you all doing really well across the globe. Is there anybody that you know about that you think has the potential to be the next big thing from Australia?

Jay: Ball Park Music. They’re a band that we really love from Brisbane and their songs are just really smart but really catchy and quirky and I think given the chance they’d do really well.

George: They’re touring at the moment actually so look out for those guys.

Last week you finished touring with Meghan Trainor as the opening act of her ‘That Bass’ tour. How did you find it?

Emma: It was a really fun tour. It was our first US tour and we’re really glad that we got to do it with Meghan Trainor.

George: It was her first tour as well which is something that we could really bond over. We’d never toured the States fully before and neither had she so we made friends pretty quickly. She’s really smart, she’s really down to earth and she’s really switched on. She’s in complete control of what’s going on with her career so that was inspiring to see. It was just a really great five week run for us.

Jay: We have a similar fan base as well so that was good.

Is there any gossip from the tour that you can spill for us?

Emma: Oh plenty but I don’t know how much we’re allowed to say.

Amy: Meghan really loves pranks so there was a few pranks on tour. I know a few of the dancers came out wearing animal masks on the last night so that was funny. So that’s an interesting fact.


If you could tour with any UK artist, who would you choose and why?

George: Coldplay. They are awesome. I’ve been a fan of them for a really long time. The reason I started really playing piano is because I saw Chris Martin do it in a stadium, holding an entire stadium full of people just captivated with him and the piano. It would be an honour to tour with those guys. I had a dream that we were touring with them last night. I was driving the van and Chris Martin was riding shotgun and I closed my eyes… not for too long, cos I was driving… and I was just like “This isn’t real, this can’t be real,” and I looked over and Chris Martin was just there giving me the thumbs up and I was like “This is insane, we’re on tour with Coldplay!” and then I woke up.

Which other British artists are you loving at the moment?

Jay: James Bay. He’s a big one for us.

George: We just heard his song ‘Hold Back The River’ when we were on the way here actually. It’s a great tune. Ed Sheeran too, he’s a world class act.

Emma: Sam Smith. He’s a brilliant vocalist.

George: There’s a lot of UK artists killing it right now, isn’t there?

Is there anything about Australia that you think London’s missing out on?

George: Tim Tams. [A brand of chocolate biscuit composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate. Wiki told us].

Amy: The weather, the beaches.

George: The weather’s the main thing but sometimes it can go to the other side of the spectrum and be ridiculously hot where it gets to the point where you can’t go outside without roasting.

After tonight’s gig are there any plans to come back to the UK to do a full tour?

Amy: We’re coming back in summer, we’ll be doing a few festivals around the place. We’re not doing a headlining tour just yet but we won’t rule it out.

George: You never know, things always change really quickly in this band. Every day there’s a new thing that’s happening or there’s something else in the diary but we’ll definitely be back in the summer.

We’ve had some questions from Twitter in so we’ll ask some of those now…

Sophie asks ‘If you were a unicorn, what colour would you be and what would your unicorn name be?’

George: Can unicorns be different colours? I thought they were just white.

Amy: I wouldn’t be turquoise because I have turquoise hair. So I’d have a turquoise mane but I’d be… what goes well with turquoise? I’d be lilac. My tail would be holographic. I’d call myself Princess Sparkles.

George: I’d be this awesome jet black, Lamborghini coloured. Black horn, black eyes, I’d be a shiny stallion. I’d shoot lasers out of my eyes. My name would be Charlie.

Emma: I’d be pink and orange.

Jay: I’d be purple.

Madison asks ‘Out of all of the places you’ve travelled to, where has been your favourite and why?’

Emma: Italy.

Amy: Yeah Italy because of the food.

Emma: We love carbonara!

George: For food it’d be Italy but I really like Holland as well. In Amsterdam all the architecture and the canals are just amazing. I’ve always had brilliant fun when I’ve been to Amsterdam.

And Cath wants to know ‘When are you next planning on doing a world tour?’

Amy: We’ve been doing one for the past three years.

George: The next one’s in June/July time but it’s pretty much just festivals.

Amy: We’re touring as much as we can with this album so we’ll be touring for the next couple of years.

Is there a final message for your UK fans?

George: Thank you for all of your love and support!

Amy: Make sure you look out for us in June and July and make sure that you give us a like on social media to keep up to date because there’s always things going on.

Sheppard’s single ‘Geronimo’ is out now.

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