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QUIZ: How well do you know Shawn Mendes?

Are you ACTUALLY obsessed?

Do you think you know everything about Shawny M? Well now’s the time to prove it! Maximum Pop! have put together a quiz to see how much you reaaaaally know about everyone’s fave Canadian.

There are 10 questions in total and you should think of it as a warm up as we also have a mahoosive Shawn trivia quiz that has over 50 questions. Yep, you heard that right. 50. QUESTIONS.

It’s super tough and only true Shawn stans will be able to ace it. Enough about that though, it’s time to see if you can handle this baby quiz first.

Ready to prove you’re a true Shawn Mendes fan before you try the mammoth¬†50 question quiz? Let’s do this!

What score did you get? Ready to try the 50 question Shawn Mendes quiz? Click here to play it. If you feel like chickening out and seeing if Shawn is actually your secret boyfriend instead, we won’t judge you. Have fun, Mendes Army.

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