Shawn Mendes looks smokin’ on the cover of Notion mag. He chats his ideal girl, success and Ed Sheeran

Shawn Mendes makes us feel things, emotionally, physically and mentally and his cover of Notion Magazine makes us quake at the knees, you’ve got to see it.

Issue 72 of Notion is shaping up to be a big one. With four cover stars including Little Mix and Craig David, there’s a cover for everyone. Ultimately, Shawn steals the limelight though, like damn, look at him.


Shawn chatted with Notion about knocking Justin Bieber off the number one spot. “It feels awesome to be up there at Number One no matter who I’m booting off, I can’t believe it! I’ve hung with Justin a little bit, he’s a great guy; it’s really good for him… Sometimes things are hard and go wrong but props to him for turning it around and making a comeback, it’s impressive.”


On his ideal girl, Shawn said: “I really like funny girls, girls with a witty sense of humour; so if someone is able to catch onto what I’m saying very quickly, I find that very attractive. I really like brunettes… and also, dancers! I have a thing for dancers!”


And he spoke about Ed Sheeran being his ultimate hero: “Ed Sheeran takes personal experiences and makes people want to listen and want to know. He finds the words to describe things in the best way he can. With ‘The Man,’ at the end, you find yourself feeling so, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this happened!” as you’re so engaged with him and what he’s singing about and that is very difficult. It’s easy for artists to write about relatable topics but it’s hard for them to write about themselves and make people love them…”

There is plenty more where that came from. You can pre-order Shawn’s issue of Notion here and stare at his beautiful face when it arrives.

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