13 reasons why we love Shawn Mendes

Shut the front door. We have a Shawn Mendes appreciation post to end all Shawn Mendes appreciation posts (big call!).

Hello Shawn Mendes

The Canadian singer/songwriter who started serenading us on Vine a year ago is quickly becoming one of the most adored new faces in pop.

Here are 13 reasons why we adore him:

He sings from the heart and we feel that.

Shawn Mendes

Those arms. They were made for two things: carrying a guitar and holding us close in a warm lovers’ embrace.

Shawn Mendes guitar

He’s the unofficial Sixth Harmony.

Shawn Mendes Fifth Harmony

He bites his lip and it’s all over.

Shawn Mendes biting his lip

He’s genetically designed to take great panoramic videos.

Shawn Mendes fans

That hot body a million ice buckets couldn’t cool down.

Shawn Mendes ice bucket

He looks adorable at all times. Even when he’s turning you down.

Shawn Mendes not happening

He can drop it low and pick it up just like this.

Shawn Mendes dancing

Some popstars give a slight nod of acknowledgement, others look past you… but Shawn gives little friendly waves that are always the best.

Shawn Mendes waves

He’s a down to earth dude who rocks plain, ordinary clothes like a boss.

Shawn Mendes

He misses his cue because he’s human. But is he human, though? Look at that cute smile he recovered with.

Shawn Mendes studio

He speaks three different languages.

Shawn Mendes languages

And finally, this. What’s not to love?

Shawn Mendes arms

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