10 Shawn Mendes interviews you need in your life right now

Listening to Shawn’s music is one thing, but watching his interviews and crying to yourself about how perfect he is makes you the ultimate superfan. We’ve collected our top 10 Shawn interviews that are going to guarantee a giggle.


  1. The time Shawn got sassy to James Corden

2. Tattooed Shawn would be a dream.

3. Getting to know the meanings behind his songs melted our hearts

4. Shawn saying a naughty word, ooo!

5. We ship Shawn and Camila 5eva

6. Just being the cutest human EVER.

7. Shawn singing in Spanish is adorable af

8. Out on a date with Shawn, casual.

9. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Smooth Shawn, smooth.

10. “Are you a beaver? ’cause dammm” You’ve stolen our hearts, buddy.

How great were those?! Someone give Shawn an award for best pick up lines ever. Got any other favourite Shawn interviews? Send them over to us on Twitter @maximumpop

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