Shawn Mendes got his first tattoo and the reason behind it will make you cry

You’ve probably seen Shawn Mendes’ insanely cool first tattoo. It’s literal goals and the reason behind is so much more personal than you’d even think.

Grab a box of tissues because we’re about to unload the meaning of life on you. Shawn revealed “the thought behind the tattoo is from the city to home — where I’m working (in Toronto) to home (in Pickering, Ont.).” and not only that, it gets cuter.


It was mentioned part of it looks like a sound wave (it really does) and so Shawn replied “It’s actually a custom sound wave of my parents and my sister saying “I love you.” They recorded it. So (the tattoo illustrates that) I’m always connected to my parents and my sister. There’s quite a bit of meaning in it. It’s been a year now thinking about it. Last year I came up with the idea.”

giphy (43)


Is that not the sweetest reason to get a tattoo ever?! We’re ready to marry him right now. Send over those digits darling.


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