Shawn Mendes FINALLY reveals something the Mendes Army needed to know and we’re shook

We completely missed this tbh

This post is guaranteed to have you saying this by the time we’re through.

Yep, those exact words.

Even the most dedicated members of the Mendes Army didn’t manage to spot this.


So OK basically, Shawn did a Twitter Q&A on Saturday and things started off quite normally. We discovered Shawn’s passion for superhero movies, specifically of an ‘Iron Man’ variety, nothing too off the wall there.

But Shawn was truly ready to spill his guts…

The public was happy to oblige.

Now that is something every fan needs to know…

But there was more still to come…

WAIT… is Shawn keeping a HUGE secret from us all?

Shawn Mendes ‘Mercy’ has been made into a gay anthem and we are living

And then Shawn shared some potential lyrics from his own beautiful, beautiful hand and asked us to help finish. We love hearing Shawn’s inner monologue, but tbh we have no idea how to turn this into Shawn’s next banger. What about you guys?

But after that one amazing fan dropped a huuuuuge bomb on us…


What scar?

How did we not notice this?

OMG! We’ve stared at Shawn’s washboard abs so much, how have we not noticed this?

Good catch indeed. Told you you would be saying “Holy crap. I never noticed that” by the end of this article.

Or maybe we’re wrong and you did notice, share your thoughts and anything you think the Mendes Army might not have noticed about Shawn using the comments box below.

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