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Shawn Mendes is worried that his career might fall apart one day

We imagine it must be scary being a world famous popstar. Screaming fans (us), the fear of losing your voice, wondering if the world might explode and your career might fall apart… wait, what?


That’s what Shawn Mendes is worried about, anyway.

Taking to Twitter, the ‘Stitches’ singer revealed: “It’s insane how quickly my state of mind changes, one minute everything’s chill and the next the world is about to explode. LMAO. I feel like the scariest thing as an artist is the constant worry that things may fall apart one day.”

“The hardest and one of the most important things I have to remind myself is that life has ups and downs thats inevitable,” he continued.

Our mood is always up when you’re around, Shawn.

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