Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello did what last summer? Interesting, very interesting.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello dropped ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ last night and we can’t get enough of it. IKWYDLS was written by Shawn, Camila and co-writer Ido Zmishlany backstage at a Taylor Swift 1989 Tour concert, but what if, just maybe something did happen last summer? Let’s analyse the lyrics and see…

  1. “Dirty secrets that I keep” –  Camila/Shawn didn’t wash their clothes ALL summer

2. “I won’t tell him where I’ve been. He knows, he knows, he knows” – Shawn stalked Camila the entire summer (that’s why he knows so much)

3. “She’s slipping away (I’m slipping away)” – Camila and Shawn went on a water slide and Camila slipped all the way down.


4.  The pictures on her phone” – Camila definitely photoshopped herself with a load of cats.


5. “She’s not coming home (I’m not coming home)” – Camila decided to watch Netflix with the 5H girls for an entire week.

giphy (36)

6. “Tell me where you’ve been” – Shawn got locked in the toilet right before a performance. (This is probably true tbh)

7.  “I know, I know, I know” – Shawn spent hours on reading about the 5H girls.


8.  “Just lied to me, “there’s no other” – Camila secretly joined One Direction.


9.  “Look me in the eyes, my lover” – Camila and Shawn were in a cute relationship last summer (OTP guys, we can dream).

10. “I know what you did last Summer” – They spent the entire summer together, touring, becoming close and learning about each other. AH we’re so glad they’re become such good friends.


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