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It’s the 1 question quiz! Tell us your fave app and we’ll surprise you with Shawn Mendes GIF

Shawn Mendes cuddling teddies? YES PLEASE

You’ve already tried the 50 question Shawn Mendes quiz. Now it’s time to try the ridiculously tricky, super hard 1 question Shawn Mendes quiz.

Okay… so it’s not that tricky. SURPRISE. But it is pretty fun and is sure to make your day heaps better. Why? Well, we’re going to flood your computer screen with a totally adorable GIF of Shawn once you complete it.

All you’ve got to do is pick your favourite app – it’s simple.

We spend approximately 46378 hours a day glued to our phones but which app do you use the most? Maybe you spend Maths class slyly reposting One Direction photos on Tumblr? Or perhaps you’re always capturing those pure-lol college moments on Snapchat?

Either way, pick your favourite app in the quiz below and we’ll give you a treat that no one can resist – seriously, your Mum, Nan and Great Aunt will be drooling over these Shawn GIFS.

Which GIF did you get? Let us know in the comments below. Once you’re done you should take our other Shawn Mendes quizzes.

Find out if you and Shawn would be BFFs here. You can also test your Shawn trivia in this 50 question quiz. Enjoy.

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