Public warning: The new Shawn Mendes album is going to destroy you all

So the date is looming even closer for Shawn Mendes‘ second album ‘Illuminate‘ and we’ve been dying to have a listen since ‘Treat You Better’ smacked us in the face and took over our lives.


Luckily, we got the chance to give it a cheeky listen to a few days early and we’ve been mind blown.  We just HAD to share some deets with you, yanno just to prepare you for the full blown obsession that is to come.

Don’t expect any tracks like ‘Something Big’. It’s all chill and heartbreak tbh.


You will need a box of tissues for ‘Illuminate’. It’ll tug at your heart in more ways than one and you’ll wish that you could cuddle Shawn and make him feel all better.


‘Lights On’ is the jam of the album, so make that a priority when you first listen. You won’t regret it.


If you’re pondering over getting the standard or deluxe edition, it has to be the latter. ‘Hold On’ will rip your heart to shreds (in a good way) and ‘Roses’ is the stand-out track. Trust us, you will need to get your ears onto this because it is PERFECT.


Tbh, we think you’re going to need the ‘Mercy’ video to get you through until release day, which is tomorrow!

Seriously, get your hands on ‘Illuminate’ because it’s Shawn Mendes like you’ve never seen him before. It’s released in the UK tomorrow, 23rd Sept. Tweet us @maximumpop if you’ve nabbed a copy and tell us if you’re crying over it too.

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