Shawn Mendes’ next album may already have been written and it’s going to sound like Ed Sheeran

Shawn Mendes sat down with Rolling Stone to have a little chat about how he’s gone from a small town teen to international superstar, no big deal.

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Throughout the interview, the prestigious music mag spoke with numerous fans who credited Shawn as basically being the sweetest guy to ever exist. “Fans feel like they have this “one-to-one relationship” with Mendes. It really does come down to him as a person.”

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Speaking of how great he is, Camila Cabello was also mentioned quite a bit in the article and she said this about Shawn: “I always thought he was a charming dude.” WE SHIP IT, seriously can they just announce they’re together so we can cry at how cute they are?


Ed Sheeran was a topic that came up a lot and it seems like Shawn is taking steps in becoming the Canadian version of him! “I have to make myself [my own] ‘Thinking Out Loud,'” said Shawn. The article also suggests that the follow-up to Handwritten may have already been written. A new Shawn Mendes album? Hell yes! We can’t wait. We already know Shawn is working with Jake Gosling, who was the main producer for both of Ed’s albums ‘x’ & ‘+’.

Speaking about his idol Ed, Shawn said: “He’s just like an average guy and a very approachable person. I’ve actually gotten the chance to meet him, and he’s just like a very sweet guy. He is just so normal, and that’s the best part about him.” It seems Shawn and Ed have a lot in common, we think a collab is needed.


Speaking of collabs, it looks like a writing sesh with John Mayer is on the table too. “We have been talking a bit, so if I get to LA to write with him, that’ll be really cool.”

The article is pretty hefty and there is a lot more to enjoy, so if you’d like to read more about Shawn being the best person ever click here.

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