Download or Ditch: Shane Filan – ‘Everything To Me’

Hello and welcome to Download or Ditch. Now you know the rules – we have one tune and you’re gonna tell us whether to snap it up like a 1Der on a sampler of the boys’ new album or drop it like it’s a plate of stinking fish. Simple, really.

Shane Filan may be an unfamiliar name to many ears but recognise him as Shane off Westlife and soon the memories of this hunky frontman come flooding back. With many likening his new sound to a proto-Ed Sheeran, we have every faith that he might end up becoming the latest household name in his own right, particularly with new single ‘Everything To Me’. But is it a stunning debut or a stinking failure?

While we’ve certainly heard songs like ‘Everything To Me’ before, there’s no denying it’s a catchy and innocent enough ditty with the generally gooey sentiments that we reckon will send girls and boys across the land clutching their melting hearts and signing up to be part of Shane’s fan club.  West who again?

Shane’s vocals are pretty stellar and while the whole thing has too much of a ‘1D doing Live Lounge’ vibe to it, it’s certainly one we could see with some decent promo lighting up the UK charts. It’s also timed perfectly with all notions of sweet summer romance drifting through the air like the smell of suntan lotion and burnt barbecue.

So, what do you think? Is this a Downloader of a Ditcher? Check out the lyric video for ‘Everything To Me’ below and then cast your votes. Voting is now closed!

Results: Whoa! Shane Filan Fans were out in force on this one (or maybe he converted a hell of a lot of new ones) and this track was voted as a definite Downloader with a massively amazing 96.54%.

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