Tired of sexist media comments? Here’s 7 reasons we should be celebrating 2016’s female Olympians instead

The 2016 Olympic games have just kicked off in Rio, Brazil and we’re cheering on Team GB for gold! We love seeing our athletes out there kicking some serious butt – especially if it’s the fab ladies teams.

But we’ve started to notice something really… off… about how the media is reporting on women’s sports compared to the men’s. What gives, huh? It’s 2016 people! This kind of thing is just not okay anymore, so we’ve put together 7 reasons why you should totally be celebrating the sportswomen competing this year. They ROCK!

1. The ladies are smashing world records left, right, and centre

Here’s the Women’s Team Pursuit in the velodrome, with the US team breaking the world record and then Team GB smashing straight through it only minutes later. Sorry, but how ridiculously cool is this?!

2. Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad made history as the first US Olympian to compete in a hijab

It’s so important for young girls to see this kind of representation on TV, especially when such an awesome lady is doing pretty darn well for herself in the Games.

3. And Kariman Abuljadayel made history too, as Saudi Arabia’s first female 100m sprinter

She placed seventh so she didn’t manage to earn herself a spot in the finals but she’s gained our uttermost respect regardless. You go girl!

4. Simone Biles is making waves in the Gymnastics world

The whole world is crazy about her and for good reason too. Simone Biles is only 19 years old and is already, without a doubt, one of the best gymnasts the world has ever seen! She’s the first woman in over 20 years to hold both the world and Olympic all-round titles. Please can we just BE her?!

5. In fact, the whole “final five” US gymnasts team are serious #girlsquadgoals

Could they get any more FAB?! With hours of training behind them, these girls rock the gymnasts floor time and time again. We’re seriously jealous of their moves. And yet, it seems some commentators have to poke fun at the five having a chat before their events.

How about we celebrate their generally incredibility instead? They were probably plotting how to take over the world, anyway, and if they were we wouldn’t care a single bit – they’re THAT awesome.

6. Corey Cogdell-Unrein wins second bronze medal and hits back against the everyday sexism that follows

When we initially this tweet from The Chicago Tribune we were kind of shocked. Who knew she’d changed her name to “Wife of a Bears’ lineman”?!

In a statement made to Excelle Sports, Cogdell-Unrein said she wasn’t personally offended by the omission of her name but that women should definitely be “recognised for our own accomplishments and attributes outside of who we’re married to”. Amen sistahh!

7. Can we get a ‘HELL YEAH’ for Katie Ledecky out-swimming literally every other competitor

This isn’t real – surely this isn’t real?! Check out how fast Katie Ledecky was going as she swam her way to her fourth Rio gold. Not only is she breaking her OWN world records, but she’s claiming more medals than she surely knows what to do with?! Carry on, Katie, carry on.

What have been some of your fave moments from the women at the 2016 Olympic Games? Let us know @maximumpop!


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