Take a cheeky glimpse at the very first pic of Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Serena’.

If you haven’t heard about this amazing new movie yet, then we presume you’ve been living under some kinda rock. So all you rock livers out there (‘rock livers’ yeah that sounded weird, we’ll never say that again…) will be over the moon to hear Ms Lawrence will be starring in the brand spanking new film ‘Serena’ alongside Bradley Cooper – yum. There’s a pretty darn impressive supporting cast too including Sam Reid, Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones and Sean Harris.

The flick set in the North Carolina mountains in the 1920’s, and follows the story of love-struck newly-weds, George and Serena. They embark on building a timber empire together and Jennifer pulls through as a heroin once again. Her character ‘Serena’ is seen fighting rattle-snakes and even saving a man’s life in the wilderness. Serena then begins to unravel George’s hidden past, leading towards a dramatic reckoning.

Ooooh all sounds rather dramatic and exciting – we LOVE it! ‘Serena’ hits the big old screen on the 24th October – who’s going to watch?! In the meantime have a sneaky look at the very first snap to be released of Jennifer in the film.

image005.jpg@01CFC2CC.1F001610We’d totes look as fabulous and as composed as that on the back of a horse…

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