There’s a new Selena Gomez film on Netflix and her character is the kick-ass BFF you always wanted

Obviously we are entirely here for Selena Gomez absolutely slaying her music career, but we’re also never going to say no to her going back to her acting roots. After all, our love for Selena initially blossomed in her iconic role as Alex Russo in the Disney Channel’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, in which she was literally the queen of sass.


Yaaas, gurl!

Well, it turns out she’s bringing some of that to her new role in Netflix’s new movie ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’.

Featuring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts (Rio Wellard from ‘Tracy Beaker’, anyone?) and Selena Gomez herself, ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’ follows the story of a retired writer called Ben who deals with his own personal tragedy by becoming a carer. Lumbered with a bitter and foul-mouthed Trevor, who’s stuck in a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy, the two embark on a road trip and meet a sparky runaway called Dot.

Yaaas, we live for the return of the sass!

We’re definitely adding this one to our ‘to watch’ list. How about you? Loving seeing Selena put on her acting shoes as much as we are? Tweet us @maximumpop!

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