Selena Gomez unveils ‘Stars Dance’ – amazing album alert!

Selena Gomez, purveyor of some pretty perfect pop has gone and unleashed debut solo album ‘Stars Dance’ following the on/off relationship between her and global teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Lead in by breakout single ‘Come & Get It’, we were very excited about this new solo venture for the pint-sized princess, but has her album fallen at the first hurdle? Or is it an unparalleled success?

It’s a bit of both really – a lot of the songs on ‘Stars Dance’ are pretty fantastic. ‘Come & Get It’ is a bhangra-pop blast that has remained a summer radio staple for weeks and there are some must-be-singles on the record. Standout favourite ‘Forget Forever’ may have leaked a few months ago but it’s lost none of its power or punch, the song a dance-pop ditty that is all about getting over a perfect relationship turned sour and deserves to be played all over the next few months.

Selena trades in a lot of her previous sweet pop credentials for some slick dance grooves and the odd glowstick thrown in for good measure. ‘Save The Day’ is a proto-J-Lo tune with plenty of fierce Latin grooves, ‘Undercover’ is a dance gem and album opener ‘Birthday’ is a catchy, snarky and snappy pop tune that sounds like Sleigh Bells and Britney had a love child. Best of all might just be the bonus tracks – ‘Nobody Does It Like You’ and ‘Music Feels Better’ are some solid, catchy pop-dance productions that should have made their way onto the standard edition.

Not every tune is a winner mind you – there’s some generic stuff in the record with tracks like ‘B.E.A.T.’, the title track and ‘Like A Champion’ that fail to make any kind of impression. Fortunately it’s largely solid throughout with sole ballad ‘Love Will Remember’ being a sweet ode to the Bieber/Gomez relationship, proving that Selena has a touch of class regarding past beaus.

Overall, the album is very solid and dependable, if a little unimaginative in parts. If you’re expecting a big ‘tell-all’ record about the on/off relationship between Biebs and Selena, then you’re going to be out of luck. Sure she touches on it, but this largely a fun, summer party record, and we couldn’t be happier.

‘Stars Dance’ is out Monday 22 July. Listen to ‘Forget Forever’ below:

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