Selena Gomez’s Slow Down: 5 things you need to know

With very awesome debut solo album rocketing through the charts, Selena went and released the video for second single, the dub-tastic pop of ‘Slow Down’ which is all about grinding up against someone at a club. The video is very cool and we got our top five notable points for you guys to check out.

1Selena can rock a weird ponytail and glitter ensemble like nobody’s business. Seriously, that girl has some fierce, fabulous style. And changing hair, it flicks from behind her ears to nearly in her face so much.

2We like a nice scene in the club. We do, they’re nice, they’re fun but how many more do we need, really? It makes sense in the context of this song, but some creativity would be nice. Do a club song in the middle of an art gallery or something.

3Walking either to a club or walking home from a club has never looked sexier and we’ve never looked so well together. How does Selena pull it off? Clearly she has a Snow White thing going on where birds and cute woodland animals fix her hair and makeup after a night on the tiles.

There’s a bit during the dub-pop breakdown where Selena and her sexily-clad troupe of dancers are behind blue strobe light and doing that cool-slash-cheesy ‘clap in a circle’ thing that is properly amazing. If only we could pull it off.

5This video is not as visually awesome as ‘Come & Get It’, but let’s face it, unless the record company were going to put Selena at the top of Mount Everest or on Mars, it was never really going to live up to it.

Go watch the video for ‘Slow Down’ and judge it for yourself below. ‘Stars Dance’ is out now.

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