Amazing Album Alert: Selena Gomez – ‘Revival’

Selena Gomez has well and truly returned with her new album ‘Revival’ showing the former Disney Channel star re-invent herself with a load of sexy, downbeat grooves as well as the catchy pop tracks that we know and love her for.

‘Revival’ will be blasting from MP! Towers all weekend and we just have to share with you why you need to spend your pocket money on this gem.

Track 1: Revival – This track definitely isn’t the strongest on the album but makes for a brilliant introduction.

Track 2: Kill Em With Kindness – This is quite the anthem with the whistling instantly becoming stuck in your head for hours on end.

Track 3: Hands To Myself – Rumour has it that this is Taylor Swift’s favourite song on the album and it’s one of ours too. The spoken “I mean I could, but why would I want to?” is brilliant.

Track 4: Same Old Love – We all know this one now, don’t we? What  a tune.

Track 5: Sober – On the first few listens, this is one of our instant favourites and we think this could grow into one of our favourite ever Selena songs.

Track 6: Good For You – Still a 10/10.

Track 7: Camouflage – We hate to admit it but we’re not too keen on this one :( She does swear though which makes us giggle. Let’s hope it’s a grower.

Track 8: Me & The Rhythm – Just as the album starts to feel like it’s going to all be a bit samey, this banger pops out of nowhere and sounds even more amazing in the context of the album.

Track 9: Survivors – This reminds us of a track that could do very well at Eurovision in the same way that Loreen’s ‘Europhia’ and Måns Zelmerlöw’s ‘Heroes’ did. Is it too early to sign Selena up for 2016?

Track 10: Body Heat – And the winner of the best song on ‘Revival’ is… Selena, we need this to be the next single please. We’ve been twerking around our bedroom the office since Friday midnight.

Track 11: Rise – Gospel Gomez come through. We can imagine seeing a load of people having the most fun ever chanting the chorus in church. Sign us up right now.

Track 12: Me & My Girls – Not a 5H cover, it’s actually better than Fifth Harmony’s track of the same name and it’s another 10/10 as far as this album goes. We’ll be bopping to this until we’re embarrassing old.

Track 13: Nobody – A simplistically beautiful track that would have fit in perfectly with the first half of the album. This will be haunting on tour.

Track 14: Perfect – We’re not too sure on this one either (sorry Selena!) We think it might have worked much better in a different position in the album.

Track 15: Out Of My Hands (Loco) – A very close second behind ‘Body Heat’ for being the best song on the album. This reminds us of the fun and poppy 2010 Selena that we first fell in love with. A whole album of this next time please, Sel.

Track 16: Cologne – Another slow track to close the album brilliantly. A track about missing the smell of a lover’s cologne, we can’t help but wonder if this track is about a certain somebody.

Well done Selena, you strike again! Shall we not go away for as long next time? ‘Revival’ is available to buy now.

What’s your favourite track on ‘Revival’? Let us know on Twitter at @maximumpop.

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