This is Good for You: Selena Gomez is performing a new song on her Revival tour and we’re feeling it

So Selena Gomez has been totally killing the first leg of her ‘Revival’ World Tour over in the US.


But now, she’s just spoiling all you Selenators; she’s added BRAND NEW MUSIC to the set list!


As the tour kicked off last Friday (6th May), Selena performed a track called ‘Feel Me’ and not only is it a certified bop, it’s also got some rather intriguing lyrics… Check it out for yourself:

Did you hear them? Let’s break it down:

“No one loves you like I love you
I never cheated, never lied
I never put no one above you
I gave you space and time
And now you’re telling me you miss me
And I’m still on your mind
We were one in a million
Our love is hard to find.”


Is she talking about… you know… him? No, it couldn’t be.

Could it?

Hmm… Selena’s tour hits the UK in November so start counting down the days now. Who knows, there may even be a whole new album by then.

Who you think ‘Feel Me’ is about? Sound off at us @maximumpop

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