Selena Gomez admits she made Justin Bieber cry. POP BITS.

POP BITS. We now know that Jelena is definitely over. And hold on tight, it’s about to get exciting. Various shots have been fired between Team Taylor and Team Styles post-Haylor-break-up but it looks like that skirmish will be nothing in comparison to the all-out war between Justin and Selena that’s about to break out.

Last night Selena went on the David Letterman show to talk about her new film ‘Spring Breakers’ which is out in the UK on April 5th. Talk turned to Selena’s love life with Selena announcing that she’s “so single  and so good”. Letterman then declared that the last time Selena’s ex-boyfriend, one Justin Drew Bieber was on his show, David had made Justin cry to which Selena retorted, “That makes two of us”, with a laugh.

Wow. That’s fightin’ talk. It’s on. POP BITS OUT.

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