Selena Gomez is giving us fitness #goals: Here’s how you can be as healthy and fabulous as her

Is there anything Selena Gomez cannot do?


Not content with slaying us in the music and acting world, the ‘Revival’ Queen is about to take the fitness world by storm too.


Well, not quite. But she IS sharing all her secret fitness tips with us. While on tour, it’s important to keep your fitness up; it can be very easy to fall into a trap of takeaways every night after a show and that’s not good for anybody.


But during her recent appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Selena spoke on how she keeps fit and healthy while on the road.

 “I like ginger shots. I actually like to eat a piece of ginger every morning. It’s so good.”

GINGER? Ok, girl. We’re intrigued…

“You’re not going to get sick. It’s killing everything inside—all of the bad things.”

That’s interesting. We like the idea of not getting sick ever again so we’re going to buy some ginger later on and try this out.


With make-up, late nights and an exhausting schedule, Selena’s also sharing her top skincare tips on keeping that mug fresh and clean. Speaking to Allure magazine, she said:

“I love to do three easy things in the morning. I’ll wash my face, I usually tone it, and then I’ll put a little bit of moisturiser on it, not tons, because I have really oily skin.”

We’re going to get started on this right now. Hopefully, we’ll have clear, glowing skin like Selena by the time her REVIVAL TOUR hits the UK in November.


What do you think of Selena’s health kick? Tell us your secret beauty tip @maximumpop so we can be on fleek just like you.

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