13 times Selena Gomez made us wish we were her BFF on Instagram

Selena Gomez is the most followed famous on Insta for a good reason. Basically she is just literal perfection and we all bow down. Here’s why:

1) She is ultimate #hairgoals. Any time, any place, she has perfect hair and she knows how to work it.

2) She has cheekbones for days. No scratch that. YEARS!


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3) She just has THE best taste in friends.

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4) But she’s no faker celebrity chaser. Just look at how happy her and Taylor are together. That’s ultimate BFF goals.

Love you

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5) See! She doesn’t always hang around with pop stars. She always finds time for her bezzies, despite that grueling sched of hers.

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6) When she was all about the fam.

7) When she was just as addicted to coffee as we are.

8) She’s no stranger to a sneaky binge. Selena pigs out just like the rest of us


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9) When she was the cutest ever.

throwback -swag

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10) When she shared her love of music with her godson.

11) She loves her fans and Queen Selena is good to us. All hail!

12) She’s glam AF.

After my first show in Vegas. @alfredoflores ❤️

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13) She’s just genuinely nice and we want in on it. Like now please.

Behind the scenes of @revivaltour //tour content

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