Selena Gomez has a greatest hits album ‘For You’… so baby, whenever you’re ready

Selena Gomez is doing some kind of celebratory gathering of all her best tunes. And you ain’t got to worry, it’s an open invitation.

Selena Gomez greatest hits for you

‘For You’, out on 5 January, is Selena’s first greatest hits compilation and it features her new single ‘Heart Wants What It Wants’ which she performed at the American Music Awards last week.

The album also features two other new tracks: ‘Do It’ and a Spanish version of ‘More’, which was on her 2009 ‘Kiss and Tell’ album.

They’re in fab company of her well-loved singles ‘Come and Get It’, ‘Who Says’, ‘Love You Like A Love Song’, ‘A Year Without Rain’, ‘Naturally’, ‘Slow Down’ and more.

I know it doesn’t seem like she’s been knocking about for very long but Selena’s already notched up four studio albums (three under Selena Gomez & The Scene) in five years.

Here’s to many more years, Slaylena!

Selena Gomez Hit The Lights


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