Hit the lights! This fashion blogger could be Selena Gomez’s twin

Hit the lights ’cause we have no idea who we’re looking at. We were just scrolling through Instagram, mindin’ our own business, when we came across a picture of Selena Gomez we’d never seen before.


Well, or so we thought. It turns out Sel has a lookalike who has everyone fooled and we have to say we’re pretty jel.

Looks like Sel, right? It’s actually Aisha Baker Parnell, a fashion blogger who runs the Instagram account @bakedtheblog.

The eyes, the hair, even the smile… we can’t believe our eyes.

selena-twins-2 selena-twins

Twins, no?


We have no idea, but it’s pretty cool.

Did Selena’s doppelganger have you fooled for a second? Let us know your thoughts @maximumpop

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