Selena Gomez and George Shelley are just friends. POP BITS

POP BITS. George Shelley is following in the footsteps of other curly haired love machines such as Harry Styles and Mick Hucknall erm… Harry Styles, and we have become obsessed with his love life.

When we heard he had spent a night with Selena Gomez in Portugal, the thoughts of a Gelena romance had us foaming at the mouth. But unfortunately, it’s Nariana all over again and George’s band mates have revealed they are “just friends”.

Speaking with the Metro’s Guilty Pleasures, JJ revealed that George and Selena have a strictly platonic relationship. The Union J hunk then added “It’s not our place to say”- We think you already did, JJ. Josh revealed that Union J “all went back to her hotel room and had a drink”.

There you have it MPers, another potential pop romance doomed before it has even started. RIP Gelena. POP BITS OUT.

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