INTERVIEW: “I’ll give you extravaganza.” We speak to Seann Miley Moore ahead of The X Factor Live Tour.

After being announced as the final act to join The X Factor Live Tour, we speak to Seann Miley Moore about cuddling Che Chesterman, RuPaul’s Drag Race and the biggest boobs he’s ever seen.


We’ve noticed an uncanny resemblance between you and one of the X Factor judges so the first question that we have to ask is do you put a wig on every weekend and judge the show under the stage name Rita Ora?

*Laughs* Yeah, that’s actually me. I look great as a blonde, right?


Thank you, yeah. Rita’s… yeah. I love a good wig. That’s later down the line, maybe my second album when it comes out I’ll be working the long Naomi Campbell weave but blonde.

Obviously we’re speaking to you because you were chosen by The X Factor’s judges to become the final act added to The X Factor live tour. Did you post a message to the former X Factor contestants WhatsApp group boasting that they liked you more than them?

No! Not at all, that would be so mean. How mean spirited is that? No, not at all. I think everyone’s sort of doing their own thing. We’ll be back together soon, especially with the grande finale upon us, we’ll be reunited. Everybody’s hustling and doing their thing. We haven’t really had time to talk. I don’t have anybody’s numbers apart from Louisa, Lauren, Che and bad boy Mason. I think I ended up unfollowing some of the eliminated ones. Whoops, awkward.


What was your initial reaction when you got the call telling you that you were on the tour?

Wealthy actually brought me back on The Xtra Factor and I didn’t know actually why I was there, I thought they probably wanted a bit more spark and spice especially since I had left, I thought they were like “We need more fun!”, so they had me back and they told me I was going on the tour and I was just going nuts. I’m sure if you play it back on ITV then you’ll be able to see my reaction. I was so thrilled, I’m so excited. Yay! The show will go on, god damn it.

What do you miss the most about living in the X Factor house?

Sharing a bunk with Che bear, Che Chesterman. That was fun. He gives really great cuddles.

Since leaving The X Factor, you performed a cover of RuPaul’s ‘Sissy That Walk’ at G-A-Y which we absolutely loved. Has RuPaul been a big inspiration for you?

I love that song. I obviously knew that song, I grew up watching RuPaul. That quote literally changed my life, ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ Watching those queens on that TV show literally helped me be me. It made me realise that I wanted to do what I’m doing and I’m not ashamed of that. It’s just that quote, there’s a point in time for everybody where you change yourself to conform with society’s way but it got to a point where now this is my authentic happy self. I love to dress up and be fabulous in my own way. It just comes down to authenticity.


Is full drag something that you’d ever consider doing? Can we expect to see you on RuPaul’s Drag Race in the future?

I don’t know. I mean, I have inspiration from drag elements. Those guys are the punks of the LGBT community and without drag we wouldn’t be here, standing here. Because they fought for us in the Stonewall riots. They are ballsy, fierce and fab and they fought for our rights. They’re the root of where we are now. Seann Miley Moore has so much more to give but maybe I’ll bring… I won’t tell you her name yet… I might bring my drag self out in the future but who knows?

Well we think you’d definitely be more interesting than most of the queens from Season 7…

*Laughs* Oh my God. LOL, I know right. I actually saw Pearl in Sydney this year, she’s an eclectic. The season before was brilliant with Courtney Act all the way from Australia and Adore and Bianca, I loved them. Bianca, I love Bianca. She can cut a bitch down, she’s a comic goddess. Work it, I love it. Hustle baby, hustle! We’re all working for our purpose.

What can people coming to the X Factor live tour expect from your set?

Ooh, I mean I’ll give you epic, I’ll give you cinema, I’ll give you extravaganza. What I did on the show is definitely my territory and it’s bringing the audience into the theatre and telling a story with my performances. It’s feeling it from your heart and you have to do something with it. If you’re standing there and sounding gorgeous, it doesn’t mean anything. Use the platform for a place where you can inspire and tell a story and change. Make people think. I’m so excited, I have so many ideas that I have cooking and hopefully they’ll make my dreams come true again. I left in a gorgeous red kimono with wind blowing in my face. It was fabulous.

Which contestant are you most looking forward to spending time on the bus with?

Lauren Murray! I love her. Literally, I think it was like week one and I said to her “You need to sing Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together’, if you sing that you will have all the gays behind you.” She’s just so real, she’s America’s Next Top Model. She’s got personality, the look, the voice, she’s the whole thing. But she doesn’t know which is the funny thing, she’s just being herself and I love that. I gravitate towards positive, fabulous energy and I love a bit of Lauren. She’s got the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen in my life, so that makes me love her even more.

As you’ve lived with all of the contestants before, which contestant has the worst bad habit that you’re not sure you’ll be able to cope with again?

Oh God, Che’s snoring, oh my God. That is just literally… he’s like Snorlax from the Pokemon series, just literally. But it’s ok, I know how to shut him up.

Finally, of course we have to ask, who do you want to win next weekend?

Is it next weekend? Oh my God! It’s Louisa, Che, Reggie N Bollie and Lauren. Who needs it the most? That’s what I’m thinking. Oh God, Che’s one of the boys so I’ve got his back. Louisa’s just a young girl, she’s like the Britney Spears before she went bad. Lauren is your everyday girl who’s fabulous and can sing but I met Reggie N Bollie at the very beginning. Like the very first audition, oh my God I love them. I love what they stand for, they’re such positive people and they give that aura, that sunshine and that positive energy out and when they perform they give that happiness to the world and that is great. That makes the world a better place, all that happiness and positivity. They’re living this wonderful life and I love that that’s what they represent. RNB all the way.I love them so much. Did you see his little kid Dior? The fact that he named his kid Dior, like come on. They deserve the X Factor crown just for that.

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